Case Study
the brief
Samsung asked us to create a campaign that would generate interest for the new
Samsung Galaxy Note, a phone/tablet hybrid that comes with a stylus called the S-pen.
Our insight, was that the Note puts the human touch back into technology –
it’s the ultimate tool for expression.
the execution
Instead of a big campaign, our solution focused on engaging the audience on a creative level. Part music video. Part art movement. We called this, The Sparkle Project.

Where Yuna and her fans collaborated to produce the first ever music video created
on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Each time viewers viewed the music video on the microsite, they saw a video that is never the same twice, dynamically pulling from the user submissions.
the result
The response was amazing, fans uploaded videos, photos, writing, and drawings.
One fan even performed a song dedicated to Yuna!
  • Page views: 135,594
  • Unique visitors: 96,346
  • Total submissions: 3,575
  • Music video views: 130,000 in two months
  • Total earned media: RM1,970,178 with 200 stories generated