Tan Hong Ming in Love

The Brief
PETRONAS wanted to celebrate Malaysia's 50th anniversary in a big way. So it aired the 'Tan Hong Ming in Love' commercial not only on TV, but also on a microsite. The idea was to reach Malaysians both in and out of the country to promote a sense of national pride and unity during this time of celebration. In short, we wanted to make all Malaysians proud of being Malaysian wherever they were.

The Solution
A microsite was developed to host the TVC. There, the video could be viewed and forwarded to friends through a viral component. Viewers were also given the option of posting feedback and other messages on the microsite.

The Results
The effective use of the web as a medium proved highly successful. Over the campaign period, the TVC was viewed 28,268 times on the microsite and forwarded to 23,523 people. With "Tan Hong Ming in Love" featured on TV and on the web, massive interest was generated, resulting in media coverage in major newspapers, blogs and postings on popular sites like YouTube.


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